Friday, December 10, 2010


Dear sexy, sweet Santa...

All I really want for Christmas is a Kitchen-aid mixer. I just luurve them and have been desperate for one since foreverrr!! Everytime I go home to Durban I use my mum's and my love falls deeper and heavier for this divine little kichen helper.

My obession for Diesel takkies is undescrible. I have far to many pairs.. but a girl can never have enough. I am a takkie thief! These stylish comfy shoes pair well with almost everything. I wear them with skinnes, with dresses, with playsuits.. I would do anything for another pair. Thanks Santa!

Yes, so I know it's summer in South Africa but this new Winter range has just been released. And my heart skips a beat everytime I see these delicious colours. There 6 rocking colours (going incognito, hot coco, luxedo, masquerade belle, silken cord & smokin' hot) would fit perfectly in my christmas stocking.. hint! hint!

I am a magazine junkie!! Last christmas Adrian gave me a subscription to ELLE magazine- and my favourite part of each month is when the magazine arrives in my post. So Santa, this year I would love a subscription to Women's Health. I was so excited when Women's Health launched in the country and took advantage of my sister working for Touchline magazine's as I could get copies for free every month- but now that she's working somewhere else, it would be amazing for this to turn up in the post every month too. And of course, it's so much better when someone else is buying it :)

Thanks Santa


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