Monday, December 6, 2010

Beauty at home

The Asprin Face Mask
So for years ive always been thinking up my own face mask's. Weather it be using mushed avo, honey and oatmeal or banana's.. Ive done and tried it. Then I came across the Asprin Face Mask- have you ever heard of it?!
It's easy to make and leaves your skin look smooth and cherry. Why? Because the Aspin acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming whatever it is that ails you. Also something important to note is that Aspen contains some type of acid that removes all dead skin cells without clogging pores.
So here's what to do:
- Take 5 Asprin's and crush them
- Add a few drops of water until it turns into a paste
- Apply to your face but make sure to avoid your eyes
- Remove after the paste is dry and falling off your face
- Be sure not to use the mask more than a few times a month

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