Tuesday, May 31, 2011




Next time you get the wardrobe blahs, turn to your boyfriend for the cure; Go shopping at his place! An edgy, unexpected dash of dude is the perfect way to reinvigorate your look.

Monday, May 30, 2011

little loving for this rainy Monday

my Safari holiday

So finally, after lots of planning last Friday we left for Botswana from Joburg, with my handbag full of Milka chocolate (thanks duty free) we flew to Kasane Airport where we were warmly welcomed by a member of the &Beyond team who assisted us onto a Safari aircraft.

With much excitement, and after flying through heavy rain (not fun when you in a plane the size of my mini) we landed at Savute airstrip, where we met our wonderful game ranger Pat.

We enjoyed 2nights at &Beyond's Savute Under Canvas (this was my first time ever sleeping in a tent excluding the camp over at school in standard 2) We had a spacious mobile tent with an ensuite bathroom, and al fresco bucket shower (this was also a first). Surprisingly the tent and I got along very well, and I was sad to leave after 2 wonderful nights..

The next stop was Saile Tented Camp (unfortunatly I never took photo's of this camp, but it was very simular to Savute). We experienced 2 nights in a meru-style tent with an ensuit bathroom and again, a bucket shower. I dont think I slept either of those nights, as the camp was situated right by the water and if I wasn't kept awake by the sound of Baboons screaming, or Hyena's roaring then it was the sound of a Hippo rubbing itself up against the tent and eating grass outside. I was looking forward to a propper room and a bath!

We landed at Pom Pom airport on Tuesday and were welcomed by two people Ill never forget, our game Ranger 'Gin and Tonic' and tracker 'Delicious'. I hadn't even stepped off the plane and 'GnT' was shouting we were off to track Lion. We took a boat drive along the Okavango Delta where we arrived at the Island we would be spending the next 2 nights at &Beyond's Xaranna Camp in safari tent's with ensuit bathroom's, sala, indoor and outdoor showers and a private plunge pool.

I did not want to leave Xaranna, I had found heaven and of course taken over indulging to a whole new level but we were back on the boat and off to &Beyond's Xudum Camp also on the Okavango Delta where we would spend one last night in a Safari suit with ensuit bathroom, shower, loft and private plunge pool.

After an amazing and unforgettable week in Botswana we flew out of Pom Pom airstrip and landed at Maun where we caught our next flight back to South Africa.



After being away for a week and over indulging on anything and everything. I thought this 'thought for the day' would be a great way to start the week.

Fashion goes Western: HOWDY PARTNER!

YEEHAH! I would shout, "lets all go line dancing" but whom I kidding.. that will never be cool. Pull out your cowboy boots, the country and western style is definatly back in fashion. Love them or hate them, cowboy boots are stomping back too! Ralph Lauren's spring/summer catwalk was filled with cuban heels and checked shirts. How could we ever forget Dolly Parton, she is a western great! So this season embrace your inner country diva without doing the dreaded line dance.. .

Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 new things I experienced in Botswana

1. Slept in a tent

2. Had a bucket shower

3. Met a man called Gin and Tonic

4. Found a Hyena's den

5. Had high tea everyday for a week

6. Saw Bushman paintings

7. Saw a Black mamba

8. Stayed on the Okavango Delta

9. Flew in a tiny aircraft smaller than a car

10. Had caterpillar's rain from the sky

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Im off to B O T S W A N A for the week

Have a lovely weekend and next week, will be back next Friday!