Thursday, May 12, 2011

peanut brittle fruity ice cream

I had a girls dinner a few weeks ago, and decided to make this for desert..

I felt like making something different, not my usual lemon meringue pie or my favourite winter pudding- malva pudding. Cape Town was still having there warm evenings so I made this up in my head..

what you'll need:
- a tub of woolies tin roof ice cream
- 2 slab's of peanut brittle
- fresh fruit (strawberries, blue berries, pomegranates)
- fresh woolies custard (if you want)

what to do:
Let the tin roof ice cream start melting a little, and become soft. Break up the peanut brittle in your mixer. Pour half the tin roof ice cream into a already prepared bread tin with non stick bake foil. Then add half the peanut brittle, the rest the tin roof ice cream, and your last bit of peanut brittel and leave it in your freezer over night. Just before you serve it, cut up your fruit and sprinkle on top of your peanut brittle ice cream.


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