Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clogs.. what?!

Boyfriend blazers, shoulder pads, thigh high boots, flannel skirts, clogs... YES CLOGS!! I know, I know im a little late to jump onto this trend but only because ive been umm'ing and arr'ing over them until last week when I found myself walking out a store with these noisy, clunky shoes. And lets be honest, they not everyone's cup of tea- but for me, having never worn them, I dont think, unless in the 90's I maybe had myself a little pair I played dress up in but from what I can remember I dont think Ive ever owned my own pair- so maybe thats why I had the urge to spend my salary on them. Clogs are not meant to be taken seriously, and neither are the clothes they worn with. The best part about them is you can wear them with almost anything. There are no rules! You can pair them with a skirt, a dress, skinny jeans, jeggings.. what ever you want! And they even perfect for winter, throw on some thick tights or a sexy pair of knit socks. Who knows, you might find yourself falling in love with them, after all, we had a second thought about shoulder pads!

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