Saturday, August 7, 2010

who what wear ?

With less than a month to go until until I arrive in London, obviously I have been clued to the internet constantly looking at 'whats new' or 'just arrived'.. and have found some items I would die to have hanging in my closet. So I thought I would share them with you..

Seeing London is going into Autumn you can see lots of lace up boots, coats and warm jerseys in stores but there are still summer items that all of us Southern hemisphere shoppers would like as our summer approaches.

This black lace up playsuit from Topshop would be look super chic with wedges and layered chains. For me, I always feel safer going for something black, as you can never go wrong with it. Growing up and loving blod bright floral prints I now have turned to the more plainer safer options.

Again from Topshop, the Premium Sequin Panel Skirt would be perfect for New Years eve. Worn with a black plain vest, blazer and Ally heels would be my ideal look. What more do you need to welcome the new year in style??


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