Saturday, August 7, 2010

Countdown has begun

So August has arrived, Winter this year in Cape Town has been um.. more like summer. My winter wardrobe has barely been touched. Tights, sandels and a nice tee has been more of my everyday wear. When winter arrived in April I was excited to bring out my coats, scarfs and nice leather boots but unfortunatly that hasnt been the case. Im not complaining! Weekends have been relaxed, spent either watching Adrian play rugby, mornings at the Organic market, dinners with friends or the random night out on the town.

But now the excitment has started as my countdown for my twenty third birthday and trip to the UK is less than a month away. I have been constantly browsing topshop, Zara and river island sites with their latest new styles. After saving up and planning this trip for over 6 months it all seems unreal that the times has come so fast.

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