Saturday, August 7, 2010

hip hip horaay to me!

What girl doesnt like to feel like a princess? And whats the day a girl can be a princess.. HER BIRTHDAY! Ive always been a girl who counts the down days until my birthday, always remenbers close friends birthdays and love to make a fuss of birthdays.

So with my birthday approaching Ive been planning a girls birthday tea for the day before my birthday. A late afternoon tea, with cakes, sandwhiches, quiches and tea- and lots of gossip is all I need to celebrate my birthday.

My new found place of heaven in Cape Town has to be 'Queen of Tarts' in Observatory. With every cake you can dream of.. they can make it. So after always being a fan of sweet things Ive decided to go all out for my twenty third birthday.

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