Saturday, January 15, 2011

is it roach season?!

If there is a season for cockroaches, then summer is the season! After hearing about other people's cockroaches experiences, I blew it off. I thought they were joking- the one story I heard was that a cockroach had landed on a girls face, in the middle of the night and crawled down her face onto her arm!! Ahhh doesnt that just give you the shivvers. I couldnt believe it when I woke up yesterday morning, went downstairs to make some tea only to be welcomed by these two beady little eyes framed with those scratchy little feelers. I raced to the cupboard to grab my raid (RAID.. kills bugs dead!) I felt like I was at war, with my raid in one hand I climbed ontop of the kitchen counter and starting spraying this cheeky little cockroach until his whole body had turned white. Hopefully after that, all that cockroaches friends dont come searching for him. They better watch out- Im waiting for them!

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